Hanscom Aero Club is located within the Hanscom Air Force Base, at building 1722, also known as 7 Robbins St, Hanscom AFB, MA 01731.

Should you be flying to the club, it is located on the East Ramp in Hanscom Field (KBED).

Please note that to get to the Aero Club, you need access to the base for which you need a military ID, DBIDS card (which you should be able to get if you’re a member), or someone to escort you. For the latter option, please contact someone from the club in advance.

Things to know about entering and driving in the base:

  • No weapons allowed on base (even if you have a MA LTC).
  • No radar detectors or dash cameras allowed.
  • Speed limit is 25 MPH unless otherwise posted (and in many places there is a lower posted limit). It is very strictly enforced by the base police.
  • Seatbelt laws are also strictly observed.
  • If you are escorted into the base, make sure you have a government-issued photo ID, registration and proof of insurance for every vehicle, and that every person entering should know their SSN.