Annual training videos

AF Regs

  • AFI 34-101 (Air Force Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) Programs and Use Eligibility): General guide regarding USAF MWR programs, Chapter 10 covers Aero Clubs and is very generic in nature.
  • AFMAN 34-152 (Air Force Aero Club Opeartions – December 2023 revision): USAF detailed manual regarding operating an aero club, with detailed chapters regarding matters such as safety, operations and maintenance.
  • Hanscom Aero Club SOP (August 2022 revision): Customization of the previous two publications, elaborating the manner in which the Hanscom Aero Club meets their requirements alongside certain location-specific procedures.

ICAO Flight Plans

Avionics manuals

Avidyne GPS

Avidyne Transponder

Garmin G5 – DG/HSI/AI

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