Private Pilot Ground School

The Hanscom Aero Club will be starting our next Private Pilot Ground School on February 21st, 2024. (This is the Visual Flight Rules Course; the Instrument Pilot Ground School will be offered as a separate class).

The class will meet at 6PM-9PM on Wednesday evenings for 12 consecutive weeks.

There tuition for the class is about $100, you also must have a Jeppesen Private Pilot Kit and a 2024 FAR/AIM book to successfully complete the classes. The pilot kit costs about $325 and contains the Private Pilot Syllabus, flight manuals, study guides, a pilot’s logbook, a fuel tester, a flight bag, and many other items that you will need to pass your FAA Private Pilot’s Examination.

You are not required to be an Aero Club member to take ground school, but you will need base access and you will need to be a club member to take flight lessons or use the Aero Club’s planes.

Note: Some of you may have already purchased the kits, but if you have not, let us know and we will order one for you.

As we’re getting close to the starting date, the sign-up form was removed from this page, but last-minute students will be allowed on a case-by-case basis.