Safety meetings are held at the aeroclub every third Wednesday of the month at 17:30. Members are required to attend in person or view the meeting’s video. If you didn’t attend in person for three consecutive meetings, you must attend in person before you can fly again.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak safety meetings are on-hold at the moment. Please stay tuned.

February 2020 Safety Meeting

Tal reviews Avidyne functionality with some tips that aren’t necessarily obvious from the manual. Thanks Tal!

January 2020 Safety Meeting

Discussion about ice and snow hazards, FAA OTC medication update (given that it’s cold and flu season, please review this briefly), and flight controls while taxiing. There was mention of…

November 2019 Safety Meeting

Nate reviews early winter considerations: icing, early sunset. Also a review of engine pre-heating equipment. Finally, Steve discusses several topics including ADS-B cautions, as well as a review of an…

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