Safety meetings are held at the aeroclub every third Wednesday of the month at 17:30. Members are required to attend in person or view the meeting’s video. If you didn’t attend in person for three consecutive meetings, you must attend in person before you can fly again.

Safety meetings are resuming – first post-COVID-19 safety meeting is scheduled to Wednesday, June 16.

August 2021 Safety Meeting

Unfortunately this one had to be virtual, thanks in advance for your understanding. AFHQ asked us to review Duty Day, Fatigue, and Circadian Rhythm Disruption with all club members. If…

July 2021 Safety Meeting

Steve discusses some trends across USAF Aero Clubs in particular due to an uptick in accidents over the past 12 months, and things we should be mindful of while flying…

June 2021 Safety Meeting Video

Welcome back! Unfortunately, Steve was out recovering from an injury, and due to some technical difficulties with the projector, Steve’s virtual presence was limited to my laptop screen. After Steve…

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