Safety meetings are held at the aeroclub every third Wednesday of the month at 17:30. Members are required to attend in person or view the meeting’s video. If you didn’t attend in person for three consecutive meetings, you must attend in person before you can fly again.

Hangar door operation video

Fire safety video

Refueling video

July 2022 Safety Meeting

Checklists! Please use them, and don’t pencil-whip through them. We cover some recent events that could have been avoided by using their respective checklists, as well as one example where…

June 2022 Safety Meeting

Review of thunderstorms and associated safe flying near them, and how to ask ATC for assistance if you’re stuck near one.

May 2022 Safety Meeting

Steve gives updates on aircraft status, and also about the pending PGA Tour in June that will impact ramp and hangar space as well as operations (e.g. touch and goes,…

April 2022 Safety Meeting

Great to be back in person! This month, we covered some medical emergencies, signs, and symptoms related to altered mental status, specifically stroke, hypoxia, and CO poisoning. This isn’t just…

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