Safety meetings are held at the aeroclub every third Wednesday of the month at 17:30. Members are required to attend in person or view the meeting’s video. If you didn’t attend in person for three consecutive meetings, you must attend in person before you can fly again.

Hangar door operation video

Fire safety video

Refueling video

Mountain flying video

November 2022 Safety Meeting

Steve updates on aircraft status, and pending plane movement updates due to some hangar rash. Nate discusses runway lighting and Night flying USAF Aero Club regs in the AFI, while…

October 2022 Safety Meeting

Steve discusses a variety of topics, including some USAF Aero Club-wide accident reviews, checklist usage, knowing the rules and regs, and also the biennial inspection from HQ. As we move…

August 2022 Safety Meeting

This month, our guest speaker and new member Chris Herrmann, the Hanscom AFB Safety Officer, discusses takeoff-related safety and avoiding some common emergencies. Thanks for the lively discussion Chris!

July 2022 Safety Meeting

Checklists! Please use them, and don’t pencil-whip through them. We cover some recent events that could have been avoided by using their respective checklists, as well as one example where…

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