New Hangar Bifold Door Operation Training

In this short video, Steve shows how to operate the new hangar bifold door. Please watch as soon as practicable and before attempting to operate the new door.

Key takeaways are:

  • Ensure both locking handles are in DOWN position before operating the door
  • Ensure the Electrical transfer is ON
    • If it’s locked OFF, then you shouldn’t be trying to operate the door
  • You must hold the UP or DOWN button to move the door, letting go stops movement
    • When lowering the door, don’t stop when you think it’s touching the ground
    • Keep holding DOWN until it stops itself.
    • This ensures no unnecessary tension is on the door straps and prolongs door life
  • The STOP button does nothing
  • Keep the area in front and behind the door clear to allow movement without damage
  • Always raise the door past the 2nd horizontal bar on the frame to ensure vertical clearance
  • Please be careful and mindful of the door frame, hangar rash due to wing vs hangar door frame will be expensive for everyone
  • The new floor is slippery, especially when wet, please be careful and tread slowly
    • Move airplanes slowly when on this surface to avoid sliding