May 2022 Safety Meeting

Steve gives updates on aircraft status, and also about the pending PGA Tour in June that will impact ramp and hangar space as well as operations (e.g. touch and goes, etc).

Nate covers the recent incident in FL with the Cessna 208 Caravan (N333LD) landed by a passenger, tie-ins to last month’s topic of altered mental status / in-flight medical emergencies, and passenger briefs.

May 2022 Safety Meeting Video

April 2022 Safety Meeting

Great to be back in person! This month, we covered some medical emergencies, signs, and symptoms related to altered mental status, specifically stroke, hypoxia, and CO poisoning. This isn’t just about pilots, but considerations regarding your passengers too.

Special thanks to Rick for bringing some Paramedic insights and knowledge to the discussion.

This one ran a little long, and we’re rusty on the camera work after all this time, but the discussion was good and I highly encourage you to sit through the video in its entirety.

Link to the CDC stroke video for direct watching here:

March 2022 Safety Meeting

Hopefully the last video-only meeting in a long time!

Steve discusses current events, and Nate shows an incident that happened earlier this year in Northern California involving a student pilot with a stuck throttle (fully open) emergency.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in April!

P.S. Please, of you have one of the Stratus ADS-B receivers in your possession, please return it to Steve ASAP! Thanks!

Original incident youtube file link:

Original article on AOPA:

February 2022 Safety Meeting video

Steve discuss some updates on aircraft status and operations. Then a review of go-arounds with an interesting video from Chief Pilot Mike MacMann with (some funny but also many serious) examples of when go-arounds would be the preferred course of action.

Fun fact: Mike has personally landed on the short runway near the beach in the video (it’s in St. Barts in the Carribbean) and can personally speak to the difficulty landing there.

Finally, a plug for an upcoming FAAST seminar on Aviation Emergency First Responder Training that I took, good for 4 hours of WINGS or MA/CT CEUs (for EMTs/Nurses). A practical session will be in May in Groton, CT.

December 2021 Safety Meeting Video

Unfortunately, no spiral ham or other yummy treats this year. Hopefully we’ll be able to resume that next year.

In the meantime, please find the video below with some thoughts from Steve, then Nate shares some thoughts from our awesome mechanics, and shares an experience hopefully all can learn from.

Apologies for the video/audio being out of sync and the audio choppiness, the video segments with Steve were unfortunately corrupted before I could assemble it all for publishing.

slides here:

January 2020 Safety Meeting

Discussion about ice and snow hazards, FAA OTC medication update (given that it’s cold and flu season, please review this briefly), and flight controls while taxiing.

There was mention of the Garmin G5 being installed in aircraft, the manual to familiarize yourself with its operation is on the Resources page, and a link to the manual here: