March 2022 Safety Meeting

Hopefully the last video-only meeting in a long time!

Steve discusses current events, and Nate shows an incident that happened earlier this year in Northern California involving a student pilot with a stuck throttle (fully open) emergency.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in April!

P.S. Please, of you have one of the Stratus ADS-B receivers in your possession, please return it to Steve ASAP! Thanks!

Original incident youtube file link:

Original article on AOPA:

October 2019 Safety Meeting – Aircraft Fire Emergencies

For October 2019 (Fire Safety month), we discuss emergency procedures for fires on the ground (during startup) and in flight.

Then, we hear from Massport Deputy Chief Eric Warren for more details on the specific capabilities of Massport at Hanscom, and a live demo of Engine 51 (one of 2 ARFFs on-site).

Many thanks to the Massport Fire crew for coming to speak with us and show us your equipment first-hand!