August 2021 Safety Meeting

Unfortunately this one had to be virtual, thanks in advance for your understanding.

AFHQ asked us to review Duty Day, Fatigue, and Circadian Rhythm Disruption with all club members.

If you need help getting to sleep, please feel free to read the attached Safety-Gram material. Otherwise, we boiled it down for you in the video. The charts from the talk are also included here.

July 2021 Safety Meeting

Steve discusses some trends across USAF Aero Clubs in particular due to an uptick in accidents over the past 12 months, and things we should be mindful of while flying as club members. Some of these topics will be revisited throughout the year.

June 2021 Safety Meeting Video

Welcome back!

Unfortunately, Steve was out recovering from an injury, and due to some technical difficulties with the projector, Steve’s virtual presence was limited to my laptop screen.

After Steve spoke, I did my best to explain in-person the contents of the new required Annual Fire Safety training video, as well as an updated refueling procedures video (since the previous one has been misplaced).

The videos do a much better job, tan I did live, so please watch/listen to Steve’s announcements, then watch the Annual Fire Safety training video and Refueling videos on the website.

January 2020 Safety Meeting

Discussion about ice and snow hazards, FAA OTC medication update (given that it’s cold and flu season, please review this briefly), and flight controls while taxiing.

There was mention of the Garmin G5 being installed in aircraft, the manual to familiarize yourself with its operation is on the Resources page, and a link to the manual here:

October 2019 Safety Meeting – Aircraft Fire Emergencies

For October 2019 (Fire Safety month), we discuss emergency procedures for fires on the ground (during startup) and in flight.

Then, we hear from Massport Deputy Chief Eric Warren for more details on the specific capabilities of Massport at Hanscom, and a live demo of Engine 51 (one of 2 ARFFs on-site).

Many thanks to the Massport Fire crew for coming to speak with us and show us your equipment first-hand!

September 2019 Safety Meeting

Review of current airplane status (including upgrades to Warrior N43128). 

Steve gives an overview of the state of the club including rates. 
Dave Noones reviews the new ICAO flight plans, Dave and Marc V. are working to incorporate it on the Flight Plan Form we use when dispatching aircraft.

Apologies in advance for the camera switch and motion, ran out of memory during Steve’s portion, so had to switch to backup (cell phone).